A new look for Super Companion + updated content on $3m balance tax

30 Oct 2023
Product Updates

Product Updates

Heffron SMSF

Super Companion now has a new look and feel. 

It is now even easier to get all your superannuation questions answered. We have improved the technology that supports Super Companion and have built a new home page to make navigation easier.

You can now enjoy the following benefits:
  • Improved look and feel. 
  • Quick links from the home page to your favourite sections.  
  • Improved search functionality, providing you with more targeted results. 
  • Improved mobile responsive design for when you need answers on the go. 
  • All the benefits of cloud-based technology including browser bookmarks. 



New content – everything you need to know now about the proposed tax for members with super balances of more than $3m

Recently the Government released draft legislation for their proposed new tax for members with superannuation balances of more than $3m. We’ve now reviewed the exposure draft and explanatory materials in detail and have included our learnings in a special section of the Companion devoted to this measure, including:

  • How the measure will apply to members when they die.
  • How the measure will apply to members who inherit superannuation from their spouse.
  • Modifications when funds have in place limited recourse borrowing arrangements.
  • How and when negative fund earnings are able to be carried forward.
  • The impact of holding death and disability insurance inside superannuation.
  • What we know so far about defined benefit funds.

We understand that with any change, there is an adjustment. If you have feedback or ideas on how we can improve your experience, please share with us by submitting feedback via Heffron IQ.


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