Why start your SMSF education with Super Foundations?

Fast track for new graduates

With all learning and assessments completed online, you can get started straight away, earn CPD hours as you progress, and be ready for work, sooner.

Inclusive & practical approach

You develop new skills throughout using a combination of theory and practical examples. We avoid acronyms and jargon, and provide plenty of explainers.

Learn with the leaders

Heffron was named SMSF Adviser Educator of the Year in 2022 and 2023. We also educate the experts and consult to regulators, government and the media.

What's included?

Super Foundations provides the big picture overview of superannuation and SMSFs. It's designed to give you the super essentials and SMSF technical basics, plus the industry context and language you need to know. 

tick (1) Easy online format for convenient access
tick (1) Gain 6 CPD hours and Heffron certification
tick (1) You have 6 months to complete, so you can take your time and learn on your schedule.
tick (1) Download the course content to refer to it later
tick (1) A pathway to the Super Extension course enabling graduates to go deeper into each topic area
tick (1) Complimentary SMSFA membership

$330 (incl GST)

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  • explain what is super and explain what a super fund is
  • understand why people might choose to save for retirement in a super fund
  • identify different types of super funds
  • recognise the different participants in super and their roles
  • describe how an SMSF is different to other types of super funds
  • understand why some people might choose to hold their super in an SMSF
  • identify who can be a member of an SMSF
  • explain the options for the trustee of an SMSF
  • explain the responsibilities of SMSF trustees
  • identify who is eligible to make contributions to super
  • explain the caps on contributions
  • identify why someone might choose to save for their retirement via super
  • describe the key rules governing SMSF investments
  • understand the importance of the sole purpose test when it comes to investing
  • identify potential pitfalls when making investments that involve other people close to the trustee
  • identify potential pitfalls when it comes to managing investments after they have been acquired
  • understand when money may be taken out of super and when it must be
  • explain the options available in terms of how super benefits are taken
  • understand some of the key tax rules that impact super benefits
  • explain how super funds, including SMSFs, are taxed
  • recognise when a super fund might pay more than 15% tax on its income
  • describe when a super fund might pay less than 15% tax on its income
  • explain the process of establishing an SMSF in general terms
  • explain the obligations of trustees in the day to day running of an SMSF
  • explain why SMSF assets must be revalued each year
  • describe the role of an auditor in an SMSF

Who is it for?

Super Foundations is for anyone new to superannuation or SMSFs, whether your role is hands-on or only indirectly related to SMSFs. Participants include accountants from all areas of practice, advisers, auditors, and product and service providers in the industry.

Hear from our graduates...

I can confidently say that this course gave me a ‘bigger picture’ understanding of the foundations of superannuation and SMSF’s and taught me introductory skills that I still implement day to day. Heffron has a unique ability to explain complex elements in a manner that is understandable and memorable. This course was delivered with passion, which in turn sparked my greater interest and love for all things superannuation.

Bridgette Kennedy

Simmons Partnership

“We recently had our graduate participate in the Super Foundations course, she came away not only excited about super, but with more knowledge around the overarching key super principles – a better understanding on ‘why we are doing what it is we do’!”

Lauren Arthur

Simmons Partnership

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