What makes Super Companion unique?

Super Companion is a practical and comprehensive online technical resource for SMSF professionals. 

Speed up client servicing

We do the research and interpretation so you don’t have to. Written in a clear, easy to understand style that you can copy directly into client correspondence and share in-depth context in a click. 

Cross-check the details

To find legal references and fact-check your conclusions, Super Companion links directly to applicable legislation, updates, case law, ATO rulings, and much more.

Used by our own team

Our own team of accountants and SMSF specialists use Super Companion to keep pace with a complex system subject to frequent and significant change – and now you can do the same.

Super Companion

tick (1) Comprehensive guide
tick (1) Hundreds of practical examples
tick (1) Technical summaries of relevant cases, rulings and legislative guidance notes
tick (1) Legislative references and updates
tick (1) Strategies, tips and traps
tick (1) Topic deep dives
tick (1) Full resource library including guides for your clients
tick (1) Q&A section including our practical approach to the questions we receive

$121 per month (incl GST)

No lock in contract. Cancel at anytime.

Subscribe now

When you select 'Subscribe now' you'll be directed to the Heffron IQ Portal where you can sign in or register for a free account. Once you've logged in you'll see the dashboard with our range of online options. Select the 'Purchase' button within the 'Super Companion' panel to set up your subscription.

Who is it for?

Accounting and advisory firms seeking high-quality answers to any question related to super and SMSFs.

Hear from our clients

“Super Companion has been an invaluable asset to me. Its combination of practicality, legal resources, and a powerful search function makes it a true game-changer.

Super Companion not only offers real-world guidance I can use immediately, but the links to legislation and real cases provide a solid foundation for my understanding. Finding what I need is a breeze thanks to the intuitive keyword search.

Plus, the clear and accessible factsheets and checklists keep everything organised. Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with Super Companion.”

Julie Zhu


“Super Companion helps simplify the topics that are very hard to understand instead of simply doing a Google search. It helps us in understanding how to process and things to look out for.

Niyatee Parik


“We use the Companion to find commentary around a certain topic / client question and build this into our response.

Always clear and well written, there is no need to edit responses and saves a huge amount of time, plus client is receiving great value.

We have also started using the Client Guides which explain to the client topics that otherwise often go over the client’s head in a meeting situation, gives them something tangible to go away with and consider.”

Lauren Arthur

Simmons Partnership

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