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In-house assets and 30 June

My client’s SMSF lent money to a related entity last October. The value of the loan was less than 5% of the fund’s assets at the time, but the value of the fund’s other assets has since fallen. Is there anything my client needs to do before 30 June?

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Meg's Musings

We've had a busy month with the SMSF Associational National Conference in Adelaide as well as launching new features for our Super Toolkit.

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What happens when a pensioner dies?

In a recent article (here) my colleague Annie Dawson provided her top 5 tips when it comes to commuting death benefit pensions. But what are the tips and traps to watch right at the start – when the pensioner first dies?

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2022-23 Federal Budget

The 2022-23 Federal Budget brought down last night was… well… boring. Bringing it forward to March even meant it was delivered in Daylight Savings Time so Queenslanders could read everything and still get to bed by 8:00pm local time.

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