Megs Musings – Special Announcement (April 2022)

19 Apr 2022
Meg Heffron

Meg Heffron

Managing Director

I want to share some news we’re very excited about – Kate Sheringham is soon to join Heffron as our new Head of Product.

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Like so many companies, Heffron has experienced a lot of change over the 24 years we’ve been in business. So much so that these days we’re recruiting people for roles that didn’t even exist in our company a few short years ago.

Kate’s new role with us is a great example. We’re constantly looking for different ways to support our clients and increasingly that means digital products. So it’s just the right time to add real product development expertise to our technical strengths.

In Kate, I think we’ve found the perfect person to help us achieve our aspirations. The role could have been designed for her (and she was definitely designed for us).

She is well known to many of us in the SMSF world from her time at Class but more recently with BT and her private consulting work. Can you think of a more perfect Head of Product for Heffron than a Chartered Accountant with a wealth of experience working with both accountants and advisers as well as a passion for all things SMSF?

Having worked with Kate in different organisations for many years now, I also know she cares about exactly the right things for us and our clients. And while a lot might have changed over the last two decades, our core values and drive for excellence haven’t – so finding someone who shared that was important. It’s particularly so for me since this is a part of the business that has always been a big part of my job.

Like the rest of us at Heffron, Kate is highly motivated to solve the real business problems faced by our accounting and adviser colleagues who work with SMSF clients. Together, we’ll keep doing that in a way that makes Heffron’s deep technical expertise accessible, affordable, highly practical and relevant. Adding her to the team will definitely mean we do it much better.

As our new Head of Product, Kate will join the Executive team and like the rest of the leadership group will be directly involved in setting our future direction. She will be responsible for both our traditional administration and actuarial services as well as our rapidly growing suite of digital products. And it’s perfect timing, the Heffron Super Toolkit has just seen the addition of an exciting new tool (see here) and we will be launching integration with Class very soon. We have a very long list of things we want to do and Kate has already flagged that she’ll be adding to that very quickly.

I’m excited to see this next phase unfold.

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