Super Toolkit

Tools to meet your SMSF compliance needs in one place from just $22 a month

The risk-free & collaborative solution to your SMSF compliance needs.

Each tool offers its own unique features to guide you through the process of creating fully compliant strategies and documentation for your SMSF clients. 

The Super Toolkit uses smart, responsive technology in the form of tips, warnings, and suggested phrases to ensure documentation is correct and will be accepted by the ATO. The save and share function allows you to provide access to those who need it outside your organisation.  The Professional level allows you to invite team members from inside your organisation so they can edit and collaborate on client documentation within your account.

The Super Toolkit is accessible through the Heffron IQ Portal, the location of all our secure online services. 

Now with two subscription levels, no lock-in contract and unlimited documents applicable to your subscription level.

New features now live in the Super Toolkit

The Super Toolkit now offers BGL integration and multi-user capabilities as part of the new Professional subscription level.

Chart of Super Toolkit subscription levels

BGL integration

This new integration will save you time by allowing fund and member data to be automatically pre-populated from your BGL 360 software.

Multiple levels

The Super Toolkit is split into subscription levels with the Base level containing the Investment Strategy, Investment Strategy Review and Covid Rent Relief. 

The Pension Pack which includes Establishment documentation is in the Professional subscription level.


The Professional level allows for an admin user to control the account management. They are able to invite team members and colleagues into the account to access client documentation. 

Access your Super Toolkit today

To access the Super Toolkit, register or login to the Heffron IQ portal and then choose the subscription level which best suits your needs, from just $22 a month.

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Peace of mind

Be confident that the information articulated in your clients' SMSF compliance documentation will pass audit and be accepted by the ATO. We help you mitigate risks and be sure nothing will slip through the gaps.

Share and collaborate with ease

Once you have initiated you can complete as much or as little as you like. The tools are designed to allow sharing with clients and other professionals such as advisers. They can complete and finalise or simply review and confirm.


We do the work for you

Our incredible technical knowledge and understanding of SMSFs have contributed to creating the tools that make up this valuable resource. We give you the correct terminology and language prompts, tips and warnings to help you build the right document for your clients.

High level service

The guided format of each tool within the Super Toolkit helps you and your trustee clients understand exactly what risks and other issues they should consider. We help steer you through with confidence.

Increase your productivity

Our easy-to-use responsive document creation tools simplify the delivery and help you become more efficient without compromising on quality.

Valuable help for your staff

You can use these tools to educate staff and maintain consistency on the considerations required when creating SMSF documentation for your trustee clients.

What's in the Super Toolkit?

Investment Strategy

A quick and easy-to-use guided document tool that steps you through the process of creating an ATO compliant investment strategy.

We help you communicate strategies in a way that will withstand ATO and auditor requirements allowing you to confidently manage SMSFs for your clients.

COVID Rent Relief

The COVID-19 Rent Relief pack is designed to help an SMSF landlord document the reasons for their provision of rent relief (sufficient to satisfy auditor and ATO requirements).

Investment Strategy Review

Investment strategies need to be reviewed regularly, this tool can be used for any fund, regardless of whether the original strategy was created in the Heffron Super Toolkit or elsewhere.

It will confirm an existing strategy's status and if any changes are required roll it into the Super Toolkit Investment Strategy tool to create a new one.

Pension Pack Establishment

We help guide you through the checks and decisions that need to be made when setting up a pension.

Tool features are unique in the industry. You can set up the pension in advance and complete additional information (such as exact balance information) later. Alternatively, make it clear that documentation prepared after the event is actually ratifying decisions already made.

Access your Super Toolkit today

To access the Super Toolkit, register or login to the Heffron IQ portal and then choose the subscription level which best suits your needs, from just $22 a month.

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