Super Toolkit

The Heffron Super Toolkit gives you access to our expertise in your practice every day.

What's in the Toolkit?

The Heffron Super Toolkit uses smart responsive technology to deliver guided compliance through tips, warnings and suggested phrasing. The save and share function allows you to collaborate with the parties you need to throughout the process.

New additions are being added regularly and there are now four tools which include:

  • Investment Strategy,
  • COVID-19 Rent Relief,
  • Investment Strategy Review
  • newly released Pension Pack – Establishment.

Wizards, calculators, forms and more guided documents are on their way in 2021 to support you and your clients through the SMSF journey. 

Investment Strategy

The Investment Strategy is a guided document tool that steps you through the key things a trustee needs to consider and articulate when creating their investment strategy. We help you communicate it in a way that will withstand ATO and auditor requirements.

COVID-19 Rent Relief

The COVID-19 Rent Relief is designed to help an SMSF landlord document the reasons for their provision of rent relief in a way that is sufficient to satisfy ATO and auditor requirements. Included is the tenant letter to the landlord, a trustee minute documenting the relief provided and confirmation the relief will be provided.

Investment Strategy Review

The Investment Strategy Review will be used to create an investment strategy review minute which is required by the ATO to maintain the compliance of a client's SMSF.


The new pension tool is now live! It includes features that are unique in the industry such as collaboration between advisers and accountants, capturing the nuances where some parts of the documents might be prepared after the pension starts and more.

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Super Toolkit

For a limited time only, users will be able to access all these tools as part of their existing monthly subscription of just $20 +GST.

As we add new features including integration with BGL and Class, multiple users in a single account, and more guided documentation; we will create new subscription levels for premium services such as our pension tools.

You can download the brochure here.

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