Meg's Musings March 2020 | Part 1

02 Mar 2020
Meg Heffron

Meg Heffron

Managing Director

It was great to see some of you at the SMSF Association National Conference on the Gold Coast.  If you were there, I think you’ll agree that the conference had a real buzz this year. Thanks to those who stopped by our stand – you’ll have seen us properly decked out in our new branding and hopefully managed to speak to one of the many Heffron people on site.

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At the conference we also launched one of our new services – the Heffron Super Companion (details can be found here). This is something we’re really excited about and judging from the interest at the SMSF Association Conference, many of you share our enthusiasm. 

The Heffron Super Companion is an online resource that’s designed to be a quick reference tool for SMSF professionals who want to check something or learn something new about SMSFs. 

Think of it like an ultimate textbook - but with a few important differences.

Firstly, it’s constantly updated and full of practical examples and tips that we think make the technical material far more useful to you than simply listing the rules. Secondly, it’s fully referenced – when we explain (say) contributions, we don’t just state the rules we provide links to the relevant legislation, ATO rulings and more.

Finally – and perhaps the most important part – we are in the process of expanding this to also include the strategies your clients can adopt to make the most of their SMSF. Our existing kitbag of SMSF strategies (developed over many years in business) is being rolled out progressively over the coming months. But even beyond, whenever we develop a new idea or have a new insight, the Heffron Super Companion is where we’ll document it. And we’ll do so with the Heffron practical flavour – it’s one thing to explain how a recontribution strategy works but quite another to work through some of the interesting variations (eg a recontribution with a downsizer contribution, how reversing the order can help, doing a recontribution with limited cash, using several financial years to maximise opportunities etc).

What I’d like to know is what you’d want us to cover in the Heffron Super Companion - is there something you are particularly interested in, either in the SMSF Guide or the SMSF Strategies?

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