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Improve efficiency

Improved efficiency for you and your team.

We do the research and interpretation so you don’t have to, making your team more efficient and able to maintain momentum. You can bookmark pages and quickly search for the information you need. 

Reduce risk

Utilise our strategies to reduce risk and increase accuracy.

Have confidence in the information you are sharing with colleagues and clients. The Super Companion is written by our experts and links directly to the applicable legislation, updates, case law, ATO rulings, etc.

Access resources

Access our resources to improve your knowledge.

Our own team of accountants and SMSF specialists use the Super Companion daily which is why we house all our resources there. As a subscriber you’ll have full access and can share resources with your clients.

Who's it for?

Accounting and advisory firms that provide solutions for their clients large or small.


Have peace of mind the main resource you and your staff are referencing is correct, up-to-date and all in one place. Written and updated daily by industry experts it will always reflect the latest rules, changes to legislation, case law or regulator views.

Financial Advisers

Be prepared with a strategic solution for almost every scenario with a subscription to Super Companion. Save valuable time by using keyword to search for information on a particular topic, issue or strategy.


Confirm your knowledge and quickly refer to our 'source of truth' for superannuation and SMSFs. Quickly and easily access rulings to check and confirm fund compliance.

What's included?

The Guide explains in detail key superannuation and SMSF topics plus a full library of resources that includes a glossary of terms and descriptions, flowcharts, guides, factsheets, facts and figures, Q&As, cases, legislation changes, rulings and much more.

The Strategies section is written by our specialist technical team who have experience advising over 4500 of our own admin funds. Each strategy outlines a situation with case study examples, ways to optimise and alterations to make, plus things to watch out for.

This section delves deeper into some more complex superannuation issues that may arise when managing an SMSF. For example: incapacity; NALI; related party transactions; the payment of death benefits, the intricacies of family law splitting and much more.

$121 /month (incl GST)

No lock-in contract / cancel at anytime.

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From our subscribers

"We are strong advocates for the Super Companion and Super Toolkit since their inception, to assist in our super administration service.

The practicality of both adds huge value to our firm. We use the Companion to find commentary around a certain topic / client question and build this into our response. Always clear and well written, there is no need to edit responses and saves a huge amount of time, plus client is receiving great value.

We have also started using the Client Guides which explain to the client topics that otherwise often go over the client’s head in a meeting situation, gives them something tangible to go away with and consider."


Lauren Arthur

Simmons Partnership Chartered Accountants