Choosing a name for an SMSF and trustee company

Choosing a name for an SMSF is an exciting step in a member's SMSF journey.

Here are some tips to help you with naming the fund:


  • SMSF names do not need to be unique but choosing a unique name can expedite the ATO's processing of your ABN/TFN application. Common names (e.g.: Smith Family Super Fund) may result in a minimum processing time of 8 weeks.

  • Don’t start the SMSF’s name with “the” or use punctuation or special characters - this can confuse government databases and searches, and slow down the establishment process.

  • The fund name will be available on publicly searchable databases. If you have a public role and an unusual name, we recommend not using your surname.

  • The fund does not need to have 'Superannuation,' 'Super,' or 'Fund' in the name. While not a requirement, using these words is very common and provides an easy way to identify the SMSF among other entities.

To check the uniqueness of your preferred name, visit the Super Fund Lookup website.


Naming a Trustee Company

The company name you select cannot be identical to an existing name and cannot contain certain characters and or terms. Please refer to ASIC for more information.

To check the availability of a preferred company name please search the ASIC register here.


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