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Director IDs - where are we now?

It is now possible for directors of companies to apply for a “director identification number” (director ID). These will become compulsory over time and we’ve written about them before (see here). But what do we have to do right now?

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Megs Musings

Unless a miracle happens today (the last sitting day of Parliament), it seems we will have to wait until the New Year to see whether or not the latest super changes will take effect.

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Meg's Musings

While Heffron was running its own race during October with Super Intensive Day, it seems there was much movement afoot in businesses in or near the SMSF industry. We’ve seen at least three big announcements in the last few weeks...

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Walking the SMSF expenses tightrope

There’s been plenty said lately on ensuring SMSFs pay market rates for the services they receive or the fund’s income could be taxed as NALI. But it’s also important to not go the other way and adopt an “if in doubt, pay it from the SMSF” approach.

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