Meg's Musings | September 2022

08 Sep 2022
Meg Heffron

Meg Heffron

Managing Director

The highlight of September so far has definitely been finally hosting our Super Intensive Day in person for the first time since 2019. We started small with just one venue (Sydney) and were thrilled to sell it out.

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I had also wondered if the new reality of running live events was that we would see a lot of “no shows” – particularly since all the content is repeated on the Virtual event two weeks later. But no. Only a tiny number of people couldn’t make it on the day and some even lined up substitutes to take their place. The room felt full, the conversations and questions throughout the sessions were great and I think we had more people stay for the post event drinks than ever before.

So that does give me hope that in person events are slowly coming back to life. I will never regret that a great side effect of a terrible pandemic was much greater use of online education. As a regional business with a lot of very time poor people, we’ve appreciated having so much high quality content available online. Long may that continue. But personally I will always want to consume some of my learning in person, surrounded by like minded people facing similar challenges to me. And it’s great as a presenter too - I always pick up new ideas on the way and get to judge whether my material is hitting the mark.

One thing we did talk about on the day that received a lot of interest was our new Education Bites series for new starters. I was surprised at how many groups all needed this and all for different reasons. We hope you will like it too and will keep you posted when it goes live – hopefully later this year.

The live event also gave us the opportunity to share the news that we’d won two awards in the 2022 SMSF Adviser series – best SMSF Administration Provider and best SMSF Education Provider. Both are incredibly special for different reasons. But the common theme is that we only win these awards when our clients take the time to vote for us. That, in itself, is cause for celebration at Heffron – thank you to all of you who use our services and put in your vote.

There is one week to go until we hold the virtual event on 15 September – I hope to see you there!

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