Meg's Musings August 2020

6 Aug 2020

Meg Heffron

Managing Director

It seems crazy to think we are already into the second month of the new financial year. But it appears that’s been long enough for the SMSF Association to host the best online event I’ve ever been to in 20+ years in financial services. 

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The Association took great care to give us many of the features we value in live events – the ability to interact with other delegates, see what the sponsors have to offer and choose from multiple sessions. I definitely missed the post event drinks but I suspect not even the SMSFA could pull that rabbit out of the hat.

I don’t think I’m alone in concluding that the quality of the day was the usual high standard we’ve come to expect from premier SMSF events. Lyn and I enjoyed running our session on contribution strategies and were grateful for all the engagement from those quickly typing questions in while we spoke. If you attended and asked a question – thanks. It’s great for reminding us that people really are listening to what we’re saying! Personally, I am still getting used to the added pressure of hoping the technology behaves but it is amazing (and wonderful) that we’ve all been able to continue learning despite pretty much no live events since March.

For a firm that has its head office in a regional, rather than a capital city, I have found the move to online education events has opened up the quantity and quality of learning enormously. Judging from the conversations surrounding the SMSFA Technical Days I suspect many other regional firms are finding the same. Don’t worry – we’re ALL listening. I expect that even once things return to normal and live events are feasible, many organisations (including ours) will continue to offer strong online alternatives. Because now we know we can. And more importantly, now we know you’ll come.

We’re well underway in planning our own annual training event (the Super Intensive Day or as we call it around the office – the SID). 

For those of you who've attended before, this is normally something we deliver to regional and metropolitan areas between August and October.

This time, it will be held on one “intensive” day on 5 November and will be entirely online. 

Our experience as delegates, presenters and sponsors of the SMSFA Technical Day has been hugely beneficial in working out how we can take our SID well beyond the typical GoToWebinar or Zoom experience. We even have some quirky ideas about how to serve post event drinks and make sure that our WA clients don’t have to front up at 6am for an 9am start. You’ll have to stay tuned to learn more about those.

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