Pension Establishment $330

Heffron prepares all the documentation required to commence an account-based pension or transition to retirement income stream from a self managed superannuation fund.

Full/Partial Pension Commutation $330

Heffron's commutation service enables the member to record the commutation of one or more pensions from the fund.

Pension Consolidation $330

Heffron consolidation service enables the member to record the commutation of one or more pensions and the commencement of a new pension with the commutation proceeds combined with any other accumulation balance from the fund.

Prospective Lump Sums and Partial Commutations - Benefit Payment $330

As part of this service, Heffron prepares all relevant documentation to have all payments over and above the members' minimum pension payments to be treated as Lump Sums for their accumulation account and then Partial Commutations from their pension, in a specific order.

Lump Sum from Accumulation $165

Heffron prepares the documentation to record a lump sum payment from a members accumulation account within the self managed superannuation fund.

Reversionary Pensioner - Benefit Payment $165

Members of an SMSF can add or remove a reversionary pensioner to specific pension accounts and Heffron prepares the documentation to record this decision. This service is only available to SMSFs who operate under the Heffron 3.0+ governing rules. Heffron can complete a trust deed amendment upon request.

Contribution Splitting $165

Heffron prepares all the required documentation to record a contribution split within a self managed superannuation fund including relevant letters, minutes applications and statutory forms.

Lump Sum - Coronavirus early release of super - Document Template

Heffron has developed a template pack that provides the member request and minute/resolution needed to correctly record the payment of a lump sum from an SMSF under the new release of benefits on compassionate ground – coronavirus after the trustee has received a copy of the necessary approval letter from the ATO.

Reversionary Pensioner - Document Template $330

Adding or removing a reversionary pensioner without stopping or restarting a pension could be desirable in cases where the pension is grandfathered for income test purposes (i.e. age pension or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card) or in order to prevent the tax free/taxable components of the pension mixing with accumulation money held by the member in that fund. Documentation is key here and Heffron has developed a document template that provides the member instructions and the resolutions and minutes required.

Transition to retirement income streams moving to retirement phase - Document Template $330

Heffron has developed a template pack that provides the resolutions and minutes needed to correctly record when a transition to retirement pension moves into retirement phase. This template pack meets all the requirements for changes during 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 and can be used for multiple clients during these years.

Super Toolkit – Professional Tier $220

Self-generate an unlimited number of compliant Pension Establishments, Investment Strategies, Investment Strategy Reviews and Covid Rent Relief documentation in the Professional Tier of the Super Toolkit. Subscribe for just $220/month.