Dealing with Death

Death Benefit Account Based Pension $330

Upon a member's death Heffron prepares all documentation required to commence an account-based pension for the beneficiary.

Death Benefit Lump Sum from Accumulation $330

Heffron prepares the documentation to record a lump sum payment from the account of a deceased member in a self managed superannuation fund. As part of the service we prepare all relevant letters, minutes, declarations and complete any required statutory forms.

Change of Trustee $715

The SMSF's current deed will be reviewed to determine how the change of trustee can be made before preparing the required documentation to record the change. Depending on the requirements in the Fund’s Trust Deed/Governing Rules, the contents may vary. However, in all instances the package will contain a Change of Trustee Deed.

Changes to Fund Associates $330

When a member or director is added or removed from the SMSF.

As part of this service, Heffron prepares the various notices, applications, consents and minutes required to record the changes. The contents of the package will vary depending on the requested changes.