Documentation services we offer

Fund Establishment

Heffron prepares all documentation to establish a new self managed superannuation fund including the deed, member applications, PDS and trustee declarations.

Fund Management

Heffron manages key document aspects of a fund. This could include Change of Fund Name, Trust Deed Amendment, Company Constitution Upgrade, Company Establishment and Investment Strategies.

Benefits and Contributions

All the documentation you require for the full range of contribution and pension decisions for your members. Contribution Splitting, Pension Establishment, Pension Consolidation.

Dealing with Death

The death of a client is a tricky time for SMSF practitioners, for all sorts of reasons. Just one of these is the challenge of knowing what to do with the SMSF itself.

Why Heffron Documents

High quality SMSF document preparation is an essential part of the SMSF compliance process. We provide this service for Accountants, Advisers and Trustees.


Heffron Document Services provide clients with a clear, accurate and compliant record of the trustee's decision across the complete SMSF lifecycle, establishment, ongoing maintenance and payment of benefits. We are deliberately making much of our firm’s SMSF expertise and practical experience available digitally at an affordable price through our new Super Toolkit and Super Companion.

As the future of Heffron’s SMSF Document Services, it is exciting in that for the first time we have a way to share not just our templates but, more importantly, the checks, practical suggestions, reminders and guidance that accountants and advisers love hearing about in our SMSF Education, all as part of requesting a document.

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