Actuarial Certificates SMSF

Our in-house Actuarial Certificates specialist team is there to meet the actuarial certificate needs of SMSF professionals.

From $100 per SMSF Actuarial Certificate
(ex. GST)

With a range of complimentary Benefits and Features

All your SMSF actuarial certificate needs can be met with flexible functionality, quick turnaround and plenty of support with our efficient, accurate and friendly service. Heffron Actuarial Certificates come with complimentary benefits supported by your SMSF specialists.

Knowledge on demand

Easy access to our regularly updated News & Insights page which provides specialist technical knowledge written by our team of SMSF experts.

Integrated software

We are integrated with Class and BGL360 plus we support all other software. For Class and BGL360 users we deliver within minutes. For others we deliver within hours.

Complimentary SMSF Clinics

Free admission to our interactive workshops to ask your questions and receive practical answers you can rely on. Plus receive regular technical insights via complimentary access to our Super Insights newsletter.

Specialist support

Our in-house Actuarial Certificates specialist team is there if you need extra support. Via Live chat, email or phone. The team is there to meet your actuarial certificate needs.

Class and BGL360 Users

If you are with Class or BGL360 we deliver your certificates within minutes in most cases.

For only $100 + GST you receive your Actuarial Certificate and enjoy our complimentary benefits.

For help with ordering your Heffron Actuarial Certificate via Class or BGL360 use the link below to access the guide.

Non Class & BGL360 Users

If you DO NOT use Class or BGL360 we deliver your certificate within 2–3 hours.

To find out more about pricing contact our Actuarial Certificates team via email or call 1300 433 376.

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More than 20 Certificates?

Interested in packaging your service?

Certificate Plus packages are available for high volume Class and BGL360 clients wanting extra technical support.

Actuarial Certificate FAQs

Deemed Segregation

The term 'deemed segregation' has entered the SMSF vernacular. What does it actually mean and why is it important?


When we use the term 'segregation' we are generally referring to a tax concept which relates to funds providing retirement phase pensions.

Manual Requests

Access the Actuarial Certificate Request Form: Account Based, Allocated & Market Linked Pension Funds