We love our work supporting advisers, accountants and trustees with SMSFs but we also know that there’s more we can do.

We provide all staff with one additional day of paid leave (their volunteer day) that is set aside to work in a charity or community group of their choice.  Their choices are many and varied ranging from local sporting groups, a range of charities important to them to our corporate charity, the Kaden Centre.

About the Kaden Centre

The Kaden Centre was established by Sue Clark Pitrolo, a longstanding Heffron client. Sue has been through cancer treatment not once but three times. Each time, she realised that while the research into, and treatment for, many forms of cancer is truly amazing in Australia in the 21st century, there was still a vital gap.  That was helping those experiencing treatment or recovery with diet advice and exercise programs that reflect their unique needs. Sue established the Kaden Centre to fill that gap.

The Kaden Centre is a registered Health Promotion Charity and relies on community support to meet 70% of the costs of its services.  That way they can be accessed by anyone who needs them, not just those who can afford to pay.

What can you do?

Like everyone, Heffron has staff, family and members of our community touched by cancer.  As individuals we support many causes but as a company we are dedicated to helping the Kaden Centre.  We want to be part of their mission to ensure cancer survivors don’t just beat their cancer but also get the practical help they need to find their way back to a healthy and rewarding happily ever after.