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Heffron’s Super Companion is an online technical resource covering both SMSF and broader superannuation issues such as recent updates relating to Covid-19.
Access Heffron’s knowledge about the rules but also how they can be used to help your clients.

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The quick reference tool is written by industry experts with day to day experience in every facet of superannuation and SMSFs – from tax issues to SMSF compliance and comprehensive strategies designed to help your clients make the most of their super savings.

Our work in administering SMSFs and assisting other practitioners with their superannuation queries allows us to ensure the information within the Super Companion goes beyond the pure technical to give you a practical insight on a host of important superannuation issues.

Things are changing fast - you need to be sure you have the latest information. Unlike a static ‘textbook’ that you might purchase once or even every year, the Super Companion is reviewed on a daily basis and updated to reflect any Covid-19 updates, legislation changes, case law, regulator views etc. When Heffron has a new insight or strategy you get it too!

Get practical insights on super issues

Benefits of Heffron Super Companion

Quick reference tool

Look up the answer to a super related question in no time by using the search tool.   

Up-to-date legislation references

All information is referenced to the applicable legislation, Covid-19 updates, case law etc.

Written by industry experts

Minimise risks by accessing resources written by Australia's leading industry experts.

Confirm your knowledge

Be beyond doubt on how you think something works and make sure there haven't been any changes to legislation and regulator views.

Explore new topics

Use Heffron Super Companion to read into an SMSF or superannuation issue you’ve not explored before.    

Improve your efficiency

Save your time combing through pages of legislation looking for the answer you need. All links to legislative references are included.   

SMSF Guide, Covid-19 Resources Pack and SMSF Strategies

What's included

The SMSF Guide includes the following 8 chapters:

  1. What is super
  2. SMSFs
  3. Contributions to super
  4. Investment rules
  5. Insurance
  6. SMSF record keeping
  7. Fund tax rules
  8. Paying benefits

Covid-19 Resources Pack consists of a content kit and tools relating to the superannuation issues associated with the coronavirus.

It covers:

  • Minimum pension changes  
  • Early access
  • Investments
  • How market falls impact other superannuation issues

A further section called SMSF Strategies will be available soon.  

This section covers the various strategies which can be employed to maximise retirement incomes for clients covering contributions and the withdrawal stage.  

As the strategies section evolves over time, you’ll not only be accessing Heffron knowledge about the rules surrounding SMSFs but also how they can actually be used to help your clients. This in-depth and practical exploration of SMSF strategies is unique in the market. 

Work remotely with ease

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