Super Toolkit: Investment Strategy

A quick and easy-to-use guided document tool that steps you through the process of creating an ATO compliant investment strategy.

Investment Strategy

Heffron Super Toolkit

We are building a range of SMSF tools including wizards, calculators, forms and guided documents that will support you and your clients through the SMSF journey.

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The Heffron Super Toolkit gives you access to our expertise in your practice every day.

Our newly created toolkit will contain everything you need to navigate and optimise SMSF compliance and tax for your SMSF clients. The Investment Strategy is the first component of the Heffron Super Toolkit

It steps you through the key things a trustee needs to consider and articulate when creating their investment strategy helping you communicate it in a way that will withstand ATO and auditor requirements. This tool allows you to mitigate risks and ensure nothing slips through the gaps. 

Our work administering 4000 funds and assisting other practitioners with their SMSF queries allows us to ensure the details covered in your clients’ investment strategy will include everything needed to pass audit each and every year.

Benefits of the Investment Strategy

Peace of mind

Be confident that the articulation of your SMSF clients’ strategy will pass audit and be accepted by the ATO. With the Heffron Investment Strategy you can mitigate risks and be sure nothing will slip through the gaps.

Sharing with clients is easy

Once you have initiated the draft strategy you can complete as much or as little as you like. The tool is designed to allow strategy sharing with clients and other professionals such as advisers. They can then complete and finalise it or simply review and confirm. 

Practical expertise

Our incredible technical knowledge and understanding of SMSFs has contributed to creating this valuable tool. We give you the correct terminology and language prompts to help you build the right document for your clients.

Deliver a high level of service

The Heffron Investment Strategy tool is not just a template, the guided format helps you or the trustees understand exactly what risks and other issues they should think about. We don't tell the trustees how to invest but we do help you guide them through documenting their decisions.

Increase your productivity

Our easy to use guided document creation tool simplifies the delivery of an investment strategy helping you become more efficient without compromising on quality.

Enable client accountability

You can prepare the document ready for your clients to enter their own strategy and document the risks they considered in forming it. This helps them be accountable for their own investment objectives and retirement goals.

Valuable help for your staff

You can use the tool to educate staff on the considerations required when creating an audit and ATO compliant investment strategy.

Who is it for?


Set up the strategy document and create the document to hand over to your trustee to complete – that way you’re not advising but giving the trustee the information they need to articulate ‘the why’ themselves.


Quickly and easily create documentation that clearly reflects the advice and discussions you've already had with the trustee. They won’t miss any crucial details because relevant prompts appear during the process.


Give your accounting clients a tool that prompts them to think through all the risks and issues they need to consider when formulating an SMSF investment strategy for a client. 

How it works

We step you through the process - you can select your client's style of investing, set the asset allocations and review the saved strategy prior to downloading the pdf.

Plus you can share it with a client or colleague.

screen grab of Step 1
Choose the style of investing
screen grab of step 2
Set asset allocations
screen grab of step 4
Review the strategy prior to download

Watch our demo

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