SMSF Training & Technical Education

We share our knowledge through a suite of technical and education services which can be delivered in-person, online, through a subscription, as part of a package or as a one-off purchase.

SMSF Training & Education

We know that everyone learns differently, has different needs and amounts of time to give. That's why we've improved the way we present our services, to make it easier for you to access them in a way that suits you.

Delivered in the same Heffron style you have come to expect, this new way of thinking about Heffron's range of SMSF Training, Technical & Education services allows you to learn when YOU need it.

Whether it's in response to an industry change, legislation update or the Federal Budget, we've got you covered in our AS IT HAPPENS section. 

Or perhaps you have an upcoming client review or a tricky case with some assets a client holds and need to know what the rules are, then you'll find this AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

Our SIGNATURE EVENTS delve deeper into a range of SMSF training topics and deliver intense learning. 

You can also purchase recordings of past events here.

As It Happens

We all know things change. Our As It Happens range of webinars, clinics and online tools help you keep up to date with the latest issues and their impact on your clients' SMSFs. When we have a new insight, you have it too!

At Your Fingertips

Our At Your Fingertips range of Tech & Education services cover all aspects of SMSFs and allows you to get the help you need when you need it - online, by phone or in person. Our expertise on hand whenever you need it.

Our Signature Events

Our Signature Events - the Super Intensive Day and Masterclasses are well known in the industry for delivering topical and thought provoking content with great CPD value. They are must have events for all SMSF professionals.

Our Technical & Education Team

We are an award winning team of technical experts and SMSF specialists with a passion for raising standards within the financial services industry.

Certified Experts

Our team of nationally-recognised SMSF specialists are known for their deep superannuation expertise, with an overlay of practical know-how from their technical industry backgrounds. Since 1998, we’ve been sharing our knowledge and bringing our expertise into the hands of SMSF trustees, advisers and accountants.

Independently Owned

We’re not owned by, licenced by or beholden to any financial institution and we have no vested interest in the product choices our clients make. SMSFs have always been about choice and flexibility and our role is to help everyone enjoy that freedom. We like to think we’ve played a part in making SMSFs more accessible, safer and simpler.

Comprehensive Offer

We work across nearly all aspects of SMSF – from education and support, to tools and implementation. Working in each of these areas, as well as with SMSF trustees, advisers and accountants, helps to strengthen our knowledge and practical capability as a whole, so that we’re able to execute to the highest level of competency.

Lyn Formica

Head of SMSF Technical & Education Services

Leigh Mansell

Director, SMSF Technical & Education Services

Meg Heffron

Managing Director