Fund Administration

Heffron’s administration service is a comprehensive compliance and technical engagement service.

Why work with Heffron?

Choose the best! Heffron has been awarded the SMSF Adviser's SMSF Administrator of the Year 2021 for the third year running. Our expert team are passionate about removing the complexity from SMSFs while providing flexibility for accountants, advisers and their clients. 

We listen and understand your issue, apply our deep know-how to it, and overlay it to make practical suggestions today, that you can use tomorrow. Our team of people come from a range of backgrounds and have the unique ability to take complex problems and find simple and implementable answers.

SMSF Administrator of the year – 2019

We won!

SMSF Administrator of the year – 2020

We won again!

SMSF Adviser SMSF Administration Provider 2021

SMSF Administrator of the year – 2021

Third year running!

Adviser Pricing

For advisers our administration package is designed to provide flexibility for advisers and your clients’ needs, while ensuring that all compliance and regulatory requirements are met including EOFY financial, tax returns and audit. Our online client portal provides a wealth of information in relation to your client’s SMSFs, empowering self-service through a user-friendly client experience.

Accountant Pricing

For accountants we operate as your back-office solution, responsible for the administration of your book of SMSFs including accounting, financials, tax returns and audit, using either your software or ours. As part of the partnership service, your dedicated client relationship manager will provide strategic insights into your funds as well as any other support you need.

Trustee Pricing

For individuals, our administration services utilises Heffron’s SMSF specialist accountants to continuously monitor and process your fund throughout the year. You can confidently track the progress of your fund via Heffron’s online portal, use the portal to check your funds details, view your documents or start a conversation with Heffron.

Transitioning to Heffron

Transitioning to Heffron takes the pressure off you and your clients so you can relax knowing that it will be swift, seamless and efficient. As your partner, we make sure we get to know you and the way you work so we can deliver a superior service and better value to you. Changing your SMSF administrator is simple with our technical expertise. We ensure the transition from your previous administrator is a seamless experience with our team providing tailored options to suit the needs of you and your valued clients.