Pension Pack

We are soon to roll out the next highly anticipated stage of our Super Toolkit, which helps SMSF accountants, advisers and trustees with key pension documentation.

What's included?

We will be introducing some great features as part of the new pension pack that are unique in the industry.

The first of these will guide users through the establishment of a new income stream. We are deliberately structuring our documentation to reflect all the ways in which pensions happen in real life within an SMSF.

Sometimes the precise amount being used to start a pension is known well in advance and documented up front, but at other times the member knows they will commence a pension with their full account balance but won't know exactly what that will be until the financial statements have been prepared. Either way the documentation needs to reflect the fact that it is confirming a decision made some time ago to start a particular pension.

The new pension tool accommodates and documents all these nuances allowing it to meet the legal obligations required by the ATO.

Pricing and inclusions

For a limited time only, users will be able to access the new pension tools as part of their existing monthly subscription of just $20 +GST.

As we add new features including integration with BGL and Class, multiple users in a single account, and more guided documentation; we will create new subscription levels for premium services such as our pension tools.