Heffron’s response to COVID-19

17 Mar 2020

Meg Heffron

Managing Director

Like me, you will be receiving many email updates from many companies on how they are adapting their operations to deal with, and prepare for, the impact of COVID-19. Heffron is also actively responding to these risks so that we can both protect and support our staff as well as continue business as usual for you.

The purpose of this message is simply to reassure you that we are confident we can cover key business activities and support our clients while at the same time protecting the health of our staff.

As a business that’s already accustomed to operating across multiple offices with high levels of flexible work, we are well placed for our staff to work offsite. All our key systems and means of communication are accessible anywhere. We are regularly testing and adapting our own response and contingency plans so that we are fully prepared for a range of possibilities. Throughout this time, even if we decide to close our offices entirely, our phone lines and business remain fully operational and you can continue contacting your Heffron representative using your preferred communication platform.

As with any rapidly changing situation, today’s plans can quickly become outdated.

We will continue to assess how we can best manage the needs of our clients and staff as the situation develops and update you as appropriate. We have introduced and continue to monitor policies and guidelines around travel, health and hygiene and business continuity.

We recognize that this must also be an extremely difficult time for you. If there is any way in which Heffron can assist you, please do not hesitate to let us know.