Heffron's long term relationship with BT

23 Dec 2021

Meg Heffron

Managing Director

When you’re a major platform looking to exit gracefully from your SMSF establishment and administration services, what do you do? There must be many things that I can’t fathom for a moment but one is to find someone in the industry whom you trust to look after the clients you already have.

It’s been widely reported that BT has done exactly that this week. It was critical to the BT team that their advisers and trustee clients felt completely free to choose to move to any SMSF provider that made sense for them or their business. But it was equally critical that there was a trusted, safe pair of hands available as an easy option.

We were delighted to be chosen as that safe pair of hands. It is, after all, what we do best.

We’ve already had a long relationship with the Westpac / BT business. I distinctly remember parking a newborn baby with my mother and squeezing myself into a business suit for a very important meeting with leaders within their advice business (at the time) to formalise the introduction of Heffron’s administration service to their adviser network. Well, that baby is now a full head taller than me, finished school and living overseas. Like the baby, Heffron has grown and developed a lot in that time, but we’re still fundamentally the same – independent, flexible, technically strong and dedicated to supporting the advisers, accountants and trustees who use our services.

While Westpac / BT no longer has an advice business, we first met many wonderful clients still working with us today as a result of that very early meeting.

So I’m glad we’re still considered to be that safe pair of hands.

I’m also looking forward to welcoming many new advisers and trustees to Heffron.

They will see the benefits of having the best team of SMSF experts in the country working alongside them as part of their administration experience. I know they will love the fact that we have all the supporting services (documents, actuarial certificates and more) they need right here at Heffron. I’m excited that we’ve got such a strong history in education for advisers and will be able to bring that to life for trustees in 2022.

And all of this while still enjoying everything the Panorama platform itself has to offer – including the technical support and capability of the BT team behind it.

It sounds like a win–win to me.

For information about transitioning your SMSF administration to Heffron - Trustees click here and Advisers click here.