ATO SMSF Lodgement Extension

19 Jan 2018

Andrea Connor

Head of Customer

The ATO announcement this morning advising that they will be extending the due date for lodgement of SMSF Annual Returns strongly indicates the complexities around the CGT Relief is proving challenging, as we, at Heffron, predicted would be the case.

Heffron has been at the forefront of the 2017 superannuation reform, creating products and services that provide practical solutions. 

If you have one or multiple funds that are affected by the super reform and aren’t sure on the rules then get in touch with our team to discuss the multiple services we’ve introduced specifically to help deal with these rules.

From our Masterclass Course, in March, through to our CGT Relief Review service, technical papers or even our full Administration services. All services are designed to help practitioners apply the rules to real life situations.  

For example, our CGT Relief Review Service includes:

  • identifying which CGT relief method is applicable for each fund asset
  • our recommendation as to whether the trustee does or does not opt into the relief for particular assets
  • where relevant, our recommendation on whether the trustee defers tax on the capital gain triggered by opting in; and
  • highlighting any other issues we identify as part of our review.