Heffron - Online services

An industry leader in the technology space, Heffron's strong investment in its online footprint has seen a range of online services be made available to its clients.


Heffron's flagship online portal, offering clients online lodgement tracking, access to fund information, digital documents, direct communication with Heffron staff and much more.

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Actuarial certificates (CLASS)

A new integration platform allowing the purchase of actuarial certificates from within the CLASS Super application is now available to CLASS customers.

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Actuarial certificates (all other platforms)

Actuarial certificates requested via non-CLASS platforms can be facilitated by clicking below.

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SMSF Establishment (advisers)

Financial planners requiring the establishment of a new SMSF can utilise the following platform to action the work order.

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SMSF Establishment (trustees)

Getting started with your new SMSF is as simple as completing Heffron's online establishment form.

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Financial portal

SMSF financial information is made available to clients through Heffron's administration platform.

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