Heffron Toolkit: Investment Strategy

Helping you confidently meet the additional scrutiny on SMSF investment strategies.

We are taking our deep technical knowledge of all things SMSF and making it accessible to you in different ways through our newly created Heffron Toolkit.

The first component of our Toolkit is a guided wizard that helps you articulate a client's investment strategy and confidently document it to meet auditor and ATO requirements.

How does it work?

  1. The Heffron wizard asks a range of questions that need to be considered when developing an investment strategy. 
  2. In many cases, the answers allow a simple document to be created that sets out the fund's investment strategy. 
  3. In others, our wizard prompts users to provide further information to deal with special situations. We then provide sample paragraphs to choose from which can be included in the investment strategy document. For example, where a fund will hold a significant exposure to a particular asset or asset class, we provide a range of additional issues the trustees may have taken into account in making their decision.
  4. The chosen paragraphs are then incorporated into the final investment strategy document.

You and your client know why a particular investment or strategies have been chosen. We help you tell that story in a way that will make sense to the fund's auditor and the ATO.  

The Heffron Investment Strategy

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