Heffron | Australia's leading independently owned SMSF administrator

Providing Heffron information

One of the great thing about partnering with Heffron is that we collect most of the information we need directly from your investment providers without any involvement from you.

We collect data feeds for investments like bank accounts and trading accounts so you don't need to collect bank statements or portfolio reports and send them to us. We may have to ask you questions from time to time but much of the administrative burden is removed from you.

You will need to contact us if:

  • You set up a new investment – such as buying a property. We will do what we can to streamline the exchange of information between us and your other investments to minimise the effort required from you;
  • You take out insurance – we will need a copy of the policy and details of the premiums you're going to pay;
  • You want to do something like start a pension, pay out some of your super in another way, pay out super for another member who has died etc.

Some of these things result in additional administration costs – see our Service page to understand what affects the administration costs for your fund.

When things change

SMSFs must tell the ATO when certain changes occur. For example, the ATO must be told within 28 days if the fund appoints a new trustee (or new director of a corporate trustee). Heffron will handle all the statutory reporting for you as part of our ongoing administration service – but it's important you keep us up to date with any changes.

There are some changes which have a large impact on your SMSF. For example, if you move overseas, there are a number of things we will need to do so it's important you keep us informed of major events like this.