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Creating an investment strategy

An important responsibility for any SMSF trustee is deciding on the fund's investment strategy. This is a framework for making and maintaining investments and is a requirement for all SMSFs. Heffron does not provide investment advice but we do provide a template for devising an investment strategy and can handle all the legal documentation you require once you have decided on your strategy.

In deciding on your investment strategy, you should consider:

  • how much risk you want to take
  • what returns you are aiming for
  • what investments you want to make e.g. shares, cash
  • whether your fund will need a lot of cash for example, if you are regularly making payments out of the fund such as pensions.

The strategy you adopt is completely up to you, this is part of the flexibility of an SMSF. To learn more about what's involved in creating an investment strategy visit our Knowledge Centre.