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Contribute to your SMSF

Rollover your existing super

When you first set up an SMSF you will likely have money in another superannuation fund that you want to transfer to your SMSF. This type of transfer is called a "rollover."

If you're going to close your old super account and move it all to your SMSF, you can complete an ATO rollover form and send it to your old super fund. If you have more than one super fund, you will need to complete a separate form for each fund.

If you want to leave some money in your old super account you will need to contact your old fund and ask them for the forms to transfer only a portion of your balance to your new SMSF.

Employer contributions

There are rules about who can contribute to super, how the contribution is made and how much they can contribute before significant taxes apply. Visit our Knowledge Centre to understand more about these rules.

If your employer is going to contribute to your SMSF, you’ll need to give them two documents:

  1. A completed Superannuation (super) standard choice form. If your fund was set-up by Heffron this was included in your Welcome Pack. If you join a new employer after your SMSF has already been established, simply complete another form and provide it to your new employer.
  2. A document confirming the fund is recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as a regulated fund. You can locate and print a copy of your fund's status by searching your fund ABN or name in the Super Fund Lookup service.

One of the things you will need in order to complete the Superannuation (super) standard choice form is your fund's "Electronic Service Address" (ESA). This is like an electronic post box for your fund. When an employer makes a super contribution for you, they are required to send a message to your fund’s electronic post box that tells you or your administrator who it is for, what sort of contribution it is, how much it is and who it is from. While your fund is being looked after by Heffron, your ESA is smsfdataflow

Personal contributions

If you are going to make a personal contribution to your SMSF, you simply deposit money in your fund's bank account, there are no forms to complete. You can set up regular contributions or make a one off payment.

If you're going to claim a personal tax deduction for your contributions, just contact Heffron. We will complete the required ATO forms and send them to you as you'll need these before you lodge your personal tax return.

You can also make contributions "in kind" (often called "in specie") by transferring assets you already own personally to your super fund.