SMSF Fundamentals

Start your SMSF learning journey with Heffron.  SMSF Fundamentals starts at the beginning – what is super?  What is an SMSF? – and the nine modules progress through all the key elements of SMSFs (contributions, benefits, investment rules, insurance, tax, paperwork)

Heffron’s SMSF Fundamentals course is essential for:

  • self-paced, online learning
  • designed by practitioners for practitioners
  • theory and practical application
  • explanatory videos, comprehensive technical reference material – your SMSF bible
  • regular knowledge testing throughout
  • great foundations if you are brand new to SMSFs or fill in gaps if you are more experienced
  • your first Heffron accreditation (Heffron Accredited - Foundations)

And of course, our experts are available to answer your questions.

If you manage teams involved in SMSF work, consider SMSF Fundamentals the first layer of your internal training programs.  It is the perfect introduction for your new starters and leaves you free to focus your own training on knowledge specific to your firm.  It means they have exposure to issues that just don’t come up in your practice and you don’t need to divert energy to keeping training material up to date.

Regardless of the area of your work (SMSF accounting, paraplanning, advising, office support), SMSF Fundamentals will provide the base knowledge you need to underpin your superannuation career.

The course will be available from March 2018, register your interest now to make sure you know as soon as possible when you can start.