Legislative change hub

Welcome to the Heffron Legislative Change Hub. The changes to superannuation announced in the 2016 Federal Budget represent the most profound shake up of SMSF advice and strategic opportunities in a decade. Our hub is being developed with content designed to arm you with a thorough understanding of the complex new rules along with numerous strategies to use and help you identify SMSF clients for whom a particular strategy is worthwhile and right through to practical implementation of those strategies.

Please bookmark this hub. Over time you will be notified of any updates as we move to release further content including fact sheets, implementation and compliance documents and online training modules.

Technical & Strategy Guides

Technical Guide – 1 July 2017 Superannuation Reforms

In this paper we explore the new provisions in detail. We have focussed on "how it works" and "who is affected." Designed to walk you through the legislative changes, we look to break down the sheer scale of some 141 pages of legislative and 364 explanatory memorandum in a user friendly way.

Price $550 Inc. GST

SMSF Strategies for 2016/2017 and beyond

So you know all about the legislative changes and new rules, now what? Our SMSF Strategy paper explores how SMSF members can best position themselves in the new world.

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Subscription Service

Both documents have been updated several times since they were first released back in December 2016 as more legislative amendments, regulations and ATO guidance have been released. To get the most out of your guide, especially as we focus on newly emerging strategies, subscribe to our update service. You will be provided with updated content for 12 months from the date of purchase. Price $220 per guide or $330 Inc. GST or both guides.

Document services

Now you know the rules... what next? Our template pack is designed to provide accountants and administrators with a complete set of documents to implement a range of the 2017 super reform changes, including:

  • Pension commutations to comply with the new rules on pension balance cap in the same fund
  • Partial or full commutations of transition to retirement pensions
  • Opting in for the CGT relief, including documents to support a future ATO audit (confirmation of the fund’s eligibility for the relief), allow the trustee to instruct the Fund’s adviser or tax agent on how to prepare the 2016/17 tax return, and make the specific elections required under the legislation.
  • Reclassifying transition to retirement pensions where the individual has met a condition of release
  • Changes to reversionary arrangements for existing pensions without commuting them
  • Changes to market linked pensions

Price $2750 Inc. GST per pack

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We note this pack is a document only service and includes a template update service to 30/06/17. Clients with a technical support contract in place may contact Heffron’s technical team for assistance with individualised application. For further information, or to sign up for technical support, please contact Heffron's sales team

E-book series

You know the rules, but how do you break them down in a client friendly way? Heffron has developed a series of 8 E-Books covering the big ticket items from pensions to death and everything in between:

  • New Pension Limits
  • A New Pension Dilemma – The order of rollback
  • What is changing for Transition to Retirement Pensions
  • Market Linked Pensions from 1 July 2017
  • Complying Lifetime Pensions from 1 July 2017
  • CGT Relief – Proportionate Method
  • CGT Relief – Segregated Method
  • Death and the New Pension Cap

$99 including GST each or $550 including GST for the complete series

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Order individually or as a complete series. If you wish to discuss a "white Label" solution, please contact the Heffron sales team

Knowledge centre

Since the first round of legislation was released in November 2016, Heffron's focus has been understanding the new rules, identifying the strategies, working with Treasury and the ATO where we have identified gaps or issues with the practical aspects of the new rules.

As 1 July 2017 approaches, it's time to turn to implementation.

This article looks at this in detail for those affected by the two major pension reforms – the $1.6m pension cap and CGT Relief:

  • What needs to be done urgently?
  • What must be documented before 30 June 2017?
  • What can be left until the new financial year?
  • What myths are emerging that we should simply stop worrying about?
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