Heffron | BGL Simple Fund 360 Actuarial Certificate integration now live

BGL Simple Fund 360 Actuarial Certificate integration now live

Accountants who use BGL Simple Fund 360 for their SMSF clients can now request actuarial certificates from Heffron with no re-keying, no hassle and an immediate certificate where the fund passes all our automated checks and balances.  We have also taken this opportnity to review the way we bundle our services to construct a range of special offers for BGL 360 users to celebrate our integration.

For some of our accounting clients, the best service is simply certificates at the lowest possible price delivered quickly and efficiently.  But other firms tell us they value tapping into our extensive SMSF expertise and education when they need it and it would be convenient to bundle that with regular purchases like actuarial certificates.

So we invite you to choose:

  1. Actuarial certificates only at the lowest possible price ($110 including GST))
  2. Our CertificatePlus package – if you choose this package, certificates will be slightly more expensive ($143 including GST) but our relationship with your firm will include other services that are directly relevant to helping you look after your SMSF pension clients.

See the full description of our packages here.