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Training for all levels

Heffron has developed a comprehensive range of training courses designed to meet the needs of SMSF practitioners at all levels:

  • from beginners who need to understand the basics; through to
  • emerging and advanced practitioners who are looking for opportunities to add value to their clients by way of seeking strategic opportunities (or avoiding threats) and implementing appropriate changes; and
  • experienced practitioners looking to keep their knowledge up to date and stay abreast of changes.

Practical focus

Our training is generally structured as a mixture of presentations and case studies, always with an emphasis on the practical aspects. Our goal is not for you to simply learn the rules, we aim for you to understand what the rules mean, how you can identify strategic opportunities that are relevant for your clients, how to take best advantage of those opportunities and how you can actually implement your strategies.

Technical expertise

Heffron have been active SMSF practitioners for over 15 years with one of the largest teams of SMSF experts in the industry, with seven accredited SMSFA Specialist Advisers and CA SMSF Specialists. This gives us a unique insight into what does and doesn’t work when it comes to taking advantage of practical opportunities we identify.

Our practical examples and case studies are often the most valued components of our courses.

Award winning

Heffron’s quality of education and training to SMSF practitioners has been recognised by the SMSF Association, with Heffron being current holders of their Educator of the Year Award. 

SMSF Association Award


As a business of busy practitioners we understand the importance of value for money in SMSF training. Our sessions are always designed to maximise the value of your time out of the office – we receive consistent feedback that the material is well researched, presented by experts and well supported by papers and other material.


In recognition of this value, our public training sessions regularly receive far higher accreditation in terms of CPD points from the SMSF Association and the FPA (including AFS Licensee and Tax Practitioners Board CPD) than similar events of the similar duration.

All of our public training sessions are formally accredited for CPD purposes (SMSF Association, FPA, AFS Licensee and Tax Practitioners Board) and meet the requirements for SMSF CPE for the major accounting bodies.


Whether you prefer to face-to-face training or online webinars, Heffron can deliver the solution that works best for you and your team.

In addition to Heffron’s public training sessions, we are highly experienced at providing tailored training programs to suit the needs of our clients