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SMSF Administration

The SMSF accounting/compliance industry is changing dramatically and SMSF trustees are demanding more value and greater levels of support and interaction in solving their SMSF problems.

Heffron offers a SMSF Administration Service for Accounting firms looking for a more efficient and cost effective solution for their SMSF client base - this service means you don't need to retain highly skilled staff or worry that you are keeping your SMSF clients in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. You can effectively position Heffron in your "back-pocket" as your SMSF expert and outsource the SMSF Accounting and Compliance functions to us at a fraction of the cost. At the same time you can access Heffron's breadth of experience and expertise to allow you to provide a high quality and valued SMSF service for your clients.

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You can have it all at your finger-tips

Case Study 1 - Accountant/Heffron partnership

We were contacted by a 2 partner accounting practice that was providing a year-end accounting/compliance service for their 40 SMSF clients. They expressed frustration in retaining suitable staff interested in managing the SMSFs and also concern that they might not be on top of the latest regulatory and compliance obligations for their clients.

During an initial meeting we explained how our SMSF Administration Outsource service worked and how they would continue to handle the client interaction (and act as the tax agent) but effectively tap in to our expertise under a "white label" arrangement and we would complete all of the accounting and compliance functions for their clients' SMSFs.

They also particularly liked the fact that they could access technical support and advice for their SMSF clients as and when required and their clients were only paying for it when needed. They have now committed to a new partnership with Heffron for their existing SMSF clients and they have started to grow their number of SMSF clients (first time in 2 years) given their confidence in the high quality and viable solution for clients. 

Case Study 2 - Accountant/Heffron partnership

We were contacted by a mid-tier accounting practice that had been providing a SMSF service for their clients (200+ SMSFs) for many years after hearing Meg present at the national SPAA conferences. They had originally developed a close relationship with a particular SMSF supplier but over time had found themselves growing apart from where that firm was heading and also losing confidence in the technical support they were receiving and questioning some of the strategies that they were promoting.

During an initial meeting we explained the comprehensive range of SMSF services we provide Accountants. We followed that meeting with a presentation of our Discussion Document which explained how we would interact with their office in respect of their SMSF clients.

 They were particularly impressed that they could access everything they needed from the one supplier, including trust deeds, investment strategy compliance documents, technical support, pension actuarial certificates and some in-house training for their SMSF accounting staff. They have now committed to a new partnership with Heffron and they have commented that the single relationship with a high quality technical SMSF firm is an ideal fit for their firm.