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Ordering Actuarial Certificates

Heffron is able to meet the needs of SMSF professionals using Class, BGL or any other software package looking for both account based and defined benefit pension actuarial certificates.

We have provided step-by-step instructions on how to order Actuarial Certificates through Class and BGL, including setting Heffron as your default provider.

Also, if you contact our Actuarial Certificate team (1300 172 247 or actcert@heffron.com.au), they can set up an account which means you don't have to pay as you order each certificate.

Ordering through BGL

  • Go to Compliance > Period Compliance

  • Select 'Create Entries'

  • Go to Member > Fund Pension Policies

  • Select 'New Actuarial Certificate'

  • Select 'Financial Year' and 'Request Actuarial Certificate

  • Select 'Heffron' as Provider and Next

  • Confirm 'Segregation Eligibility' and 'Submit to Actuary'