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Fund Administration

For many people, SMSFs provide the most flexible and cost effective superannuation platform available in Australia today.

However, superannuation and taxation laws are complex and constantly changing.  You need to make sure that your retirement vehicle is structured in the most optimal way, pro-actively managed and regularly reviewed.  This makes it important for the fund administration of a SMSF to be carried out by a professional organisation who have SMSF administration experience, and the credentials to actively support SMSF trustees and their advisers.

Heffron has been providing its SMSF Administration Service for over 15 years and provides SMSF trustees with a complete administration, accounting and taxation, compliance, technical support and audit package.

We also offer a SMSF Administration (Outsource) Service for Accounting firms looking for a more efficient and cost effective solution for their SMSF client base - this service means you don't need to retain highly skilled staff or worry that you are keeping your SMSF clients in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.  For further details click here.

Online Fund Reporting

Online fund reporting is available for funds that hold assets that can Data Feed transactional data automatically in to our system. Reporting functionality for advisers includes:

A trial log-on can be provided upon request.

Finally, Heffron charges a Fixed Dollar Fee for its fund administration service - the size of your SMSF should not determine your fund administration fee. 

To find out more please send your details to or call us on 1300 172 247.


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